Jaw dropping adventures await you at the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park with more than 28 slides, rides and attractions.

Attractions — Available Now

Open daily from 10am to 6pm

Ship Kids Pool

Ship Kids Pool is an exciting Dhow, with 5 fun water slides and water features for our young guests.

Minimum Height: 0.9 for lower slides 1m for upper 2 slides

Whizzard Mat Racer

Challenge a friend to a high-speed splashdown! The Whizzard Mat Racer allows you to experience the thrill of sliding down head first and racing your friends side by side.

Minimum Height: 1.2m

Inner Tube Slides

Hop on our Inner Tube slides and take a ride through an enclosed tunnel, twisting and turning your way into the pool.

Minimum Height: 1.2m

Lenny's Lagoon

Lenny’s Lagoon is an interactive kids pool and water playground designed with the young adventurers in mind with a dumping bucket as the main highlight.

Minimum Height: 1m

The Falls Pool

The Falls Pool provides a relaxing environment where guests can bask in the sun while enjoying the fresh, crystal blue waters flowing from the mountain waterfalls.

Wave Pool

The Wave Pool lets you experience the thrill of simulated ocean waves or relax in the shallows of the beach.

No minimum height required

Nimr Laser Tag

Nimr Laser Tag is a strategic & innovative game zone which encourages you to work as a team. It’s the perfect adrenaline-pumping activity for families, groups & friends.

Minimum Height: 1.2m

King Cobra

King Cobra is an exhilarating enclosed twin tube ride which sends riders right into the mouth of our giant cobra.

Minimum Height: 1.2m

Sea Caves Souk

All you might need to enjoy an amazing day at the waterpark.

Opens daily from 10am to 6pm

Super Bowl

Take a twist and spin down our huge bowl ride, full of high speed and adrenaline pumping fun.

Minimum Height: 1.2m

Family Abyss

Grab your family or friends to join you on this adventure into our gigantic funnel with open-air twists and turns before splashing down into the pool.

Minimum Height: 1.2m 

Desert Street Circuit

Go-Kart racing provides a fun and adrenaline-fueled experience, where you can put your racing skills to the test with friends and family. Our city themed track adds to the excitement at every turn.

Minimum Height (Junior Kart): 1.35m
Minimum Height (Adult Kart): 1.5m

Rules & Regulations

Be among the first to experience some of the waterpark’s slides and pools as we begin to reveal and add attractions throughout the coming weeks.

NOTE: Proper swim wear is required for all guests. If you forgot yours, visit Sea Caves Souk at the Waterpark and buy from our swimwear selection.

Attractions — Coming Soon

Surfing Dunes

Catch a wave on The Surf Dunes with our exhilarating surf simulator. Grab a board and ride the waves without stepping foot into the ocean! Our surf simulator offers a fun experience for surfers of all ages and skill levels.

Minimum Height: 1.5m

Dahl Kids Pool

The Dahl Kids Pool is an interactive and exciting experience for our younger guests.

Minimum Height: 1m

Lazy River

The Lazy River offers a slow relaxing journey around the waterpark. Riders can enjoy it either on a tube or swimming around the 268 meters of river.

Kids Adventure Course

Full on dry adventure course for the younger guests who prefer a break from the water.

Children below 1m must be accompanied

Torrent River

The Torrent River provides an adventurous journey through the waterpark with waves and water features.

Desert Rose Pool

The Desert Rose Pool provides a relaxing oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the main park, specifically for females and boys below 8 years.

Females Only

Spinning Rapids

Starting at the top level of our 32m mountain, the spinning rapids sends up to 6 riders spinning down an open air slide right into a river that goes around the entire water and adventure park.

Minimum Height: 1.1m Accompanied, 1.2m Alone

Oasis Marine World Diving Experience

At Oasis Marine World you can experience snorkeling or scuba diving through our treasure and ruins pool. Enjoy treasure hunting adventures and leisurely dives through a shipwreck with unique adventures for all ages and skill levels.

Minimum Height: Please visit Diving reception for Information

Desert Falls Canyoning

Desert Falls Canyoning is a high-thrill adventure activity combining rock climbing and water activities. Our Canyoning adventure offers the most thrilling and unique experience in the Middle East.

Minimum Height (Family): 1.2m accompanied by an Adult
Minimum Height (Extreme): 1.5m Alone